In today’s episode of Life Coaching Demystified with Annie Lin Podcast, I share with you an overview of my method of Life Coaching, i.e., BETAS (Body Emotion Thought Action Spirituality). Listen to this episode to know why I felt the need to develop the method, how it’s different from the traditional and mainstream coaching methods, an outline of all the stages in BETAS, and how I apply the process to the clients.

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What made me develop my own process

[02:25] – The traditional life coaching method relies on asking questions to invoke new insights and help people reframe their thoughts. It works to some extent, but the problem is that the change usually does not last long, and the clients would experience resistance to believing their new and improved thoughts. I understood that the problem could not be solved from the cognitive level alone, so I came up with my own framework, BETAS, after trying many different methods.

The theory behind BETAS

[05:20] – The theory of BETAS relies on the recognition that all aspects of our Being are interconnected with each other. The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements are not isolated but interact constantly. Only when there’s an alignment on all these aspects, the action becomes sustainable, and the transformation occurs naturally. So, in the BETAS process, we aspire to Behold the Body, Embrace the Emotions, Transcend the Thoughts, Advance to Action, and Surrender to the Spirit.

B of BETAS – ‘Beholding the Body’

[06:30] –  What I do in the very first stage in the process is to help the client develop an awareness of their body. It gives them a lot of information about what’s happening in their mind. Breathwork, body-scan, grounding, and various other practices, including meditation, help the clients achieve a more stable relationship with their physical body, enhancing their capacity to process difficult emotions, reduce anxiety, and calm down the mental overdrive.

E of BETAS – ‘Embracing The Emotions’

[07:27] –  Embracing emotions is very different from wallowing in emotions. This is where BETAS differs from mainstream coaching methods. Instead of denying or trying to avoid the so-called negative emotions, I believe emotions act as messengers. They inform us if we’re on the right path in life. So, I help the clients identify what emotions they are feeling, make them pay attention to the bodily sensations accompanying the emotions, and develop emotional literacy.

T of BETAS – ‘Transcending The Thoughts’

[08:52] – In this stage, I help clients to observe and articulate the thoughts that caused their distress. So, they can learn to spot common “Cognitive Distortions” or ‘thinking errors.’ Then we come up with another perspective that still feels true but is more empowering and conducive to the results they want to produce in life.

A of BETAS – ‘Advancing To Action’

[10:05] – With the client’s goals in mind, I take the inventory of their resources, and together we map out an action plan. Instead of asking them to rely on willpower, I help them develop new habits or routines per their motivational type.

S of BETAS – ‘Surrendering To Spirit’

[11:43] – For this stage, my role is to help the client reconnect with their inner guidance. I help them develop their “Spiritual Practices” in everyday life with the help of practices of virtues such as Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Integrity. This improves their well-being, and they will gradually navigate toward their true purpose in life.

My framework to apply the BETAS process to the client

[14:25] –  I believe coaching is a type of healing work, and healing means to restore original movement, which is to say every soul has its direction.

My Life Coach Certification Training

[16:37] – My Life Coach Certification Training Programme for aspiring Life Coaches will be launched in September 2021. In this program, we will give you more details in the working of the BETAS process and how I coach my clients. Find out more about the Training at


“I believe coaching is a type of healing work where healing means to restore the original movement.”


“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”


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