The program can be completed in 4 months. However, all students have access to the resources for 12 months, including recorded course materials and the community.

The course is 100% held online. Our Institute is based in Manhattan but the course is accessible anywhere in the world.
You’ll spend between 4-5 hours per week, including watching video teachings, participating in live Q&A/mentoring, and meeting online with a triad of peers to practice.

If the student decides to complete the course within 4 months, the weekly time commitment may be higher. There is also further reading material suggested if you wish to delve deeper into certain areas of the curriculum.

For most of the program, yes!  Everyone can learn at her/his own pace.

All course material is available online for you, including live teachings.  However, we strongly encourage you to attend the weekly live sessions, so that you can participate in group exercises and Q&A sessions.  There are also regular practice sessions with your peers held at a time you mutually agree upon.

No problem at all. All the sessions are recorded and available on the portal for those who, for some reason, are unable to join on a particular day.
Yes. New York Life Coaching has experience in guiding clients from all the six continents. We make sure that the scheduling of live classes is suitable for the time zones in which our students reside.
The training is for anyone who values growth and wants to align their career with their purpose. It is designed to accommodate beginners, new coaches, health & wellness professionals or anyone who wants to learn coaching skills for their personal and professional growth.
Our founder Annie conducts most of the teachings and practice, with assistance from other faculty members.
  • Attendance of at least 10 live weekly sessions
  • Completion of a written assessment
  • 50 hours of coaching practice
We foster the development of NYLCI Community. Here you will be able to interact and practice together with other students and graduates. In addition, we offer privileged access to future services that will be offered by NYLCI and our graduates will benefit from a discount.

    • ACCESS TO NEW TOOLS. Quarterly member Q&A video calls to discuss any challenges, best practices, new tools and ideas.
    • MARKETING ADVANTAGE. NYLCI logo will be provided to add to your website or other marketing components to showcase your advanced coaching designation.  Members are listed in our Coach directory listings
    • GLOBAL ONLINE COMMUNITY. Global online community for members to stay in touch with each other to support, practice, and to exchange experience and resources.
    • DISCOUNTS. Special discounted price for NYLCI’s future programs
Most schools rely on cognitive-behavioral model. While it is important to learn how to help clients reframe their thoughts, the resistance to “think differently” cannot be addressed through cognitive processes alone. We believe in the embodied character of our human thoughts and emotions, with a place for intuition and imagination, as well as the key concepts of values, purpose, trust and presence.
You don’t have to. What makes a coach different is a commitment to do their own personal development work and transform the limiting beliefs to bring more possibility. As you embark on your transformational journey, you will know exactly how your clients feel and how to guide them on THEIR journey.

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