Coaches We Trained

Wendy, a hospitality consultant, has added coaching expertise to take her business to the next level.

Anyssa, an expert on Sleep Medicine transformed herself into a Sleep Coach with her newly acquired coaching and interpersonal skills.

Vida, a commercial real estate broker, now finds success and fulfillment as a life coach. Through her coaching, she empowers teenagers and their parents to improve communication and foster stronger, healthier relationships.

Donatella, a communication expert, integrates our coaching methodology into a mindful approach as a social media coach.

Elizabeth, a school counselor, was looking for a holistic coaching school that recognizes the importance of spirituality. She found the BETAS system taught by NYLCI highly effective in removing internal blocks and has been adding coaching skills to her work. “I learned things that weren’t even taught in my graduate school!’

Megan, a human behavior researcher, was looking for growth both personally and professionally. Now she is excited to start her life coaching business focusing on habit change. “This course exceeds my expectations in so many ways!’

Valerie, who runs an Ayurvedic healing center in Germany, is adding coaching skills to facilitate empowering events and conversations.

Jackie, a hypnotherapist, was stuck with a low-fee customer base.  Following the training at NYLCI, she combined her newly acquired coaching skills and niche to provide a premium coaching program.  “The training is important in my own personal growth, and I can now apply the experience to enhance the services I offer to clients.

Ruby, an executive assistant, successfully incorporates life coaching techniques to lead women’s retreats, empowering and guiding others toward their best lives.”

This program was beyond my expectations regarding professionalism and knowledge of the instructors combined with organization, communication, the amount of information, and practice time we were given!  NYLCI offers excellent materials loaded with coaching tools. I am confident to move forward with my coaching practice.  If one is seeking a wealth of knowledge and long-lasting empowerment, this is a fantastic training opportunity.  I would not choose a different way to start my new professional path!  I highly recommend this program!


I am an HR professional and I’m passionate about helping others learn, grow, and ultimately succeed in their lives.  I love NYLCI’s approach of emphasizing the mind-body connection to coaching and business skills.  These elements are all inter-related.  The small class allows me to truly learn from Annie and from other students’ unique backgrounds and perspectives. This shared experience helps me to feel a part of a community and I realize that I’m not alone facing various challenges in self-development.


Coming from an HR, education, and mentoring background, I saw the rising need for life coaches everywhere. What captivated me about the New York Life Coaching Institute (NYLCI) was its unique blend of Eastern and Western wisdom and approaches.

I enjoy the comprehensive curriculum, especially the practical BETAS system. It empowered me to leverage my professional experience and spiritual gifts, equipping me with versatile coaching techniques and a solid plan to assist others.

I highly recommend NYLCI to anyone interested in becoming a life coach. It isn’t just a certification course; it’s a life-changing opportunity to make a positive impact on myself and the world.


I wanted to start a new career as a massage therapist and decided to get trained as a life coach at the same time.  I was particularly struck by the seamless incorporation of physical aspect of being into the program – including grounding and breathing exercises.  They turned out to be of direct relevance for my practice. Now, I am able to help clients relieve not just physical discomfort, but to alleviate the perpetual anxiety and many other emotional challenges.  I have built up a loyal clientele and continue to grow my business.


I was an art consultant & curator. With the training from this course, I became a high-performance art business coach, and I now have many artists knocking on my door, wanting to work with me.

I let my heart do the talking and chose New York Life Coaching Institute. I am thrilled as this training covers coaching skills and building a viable business from start to finish.

I learned a lot from Annie, who embodies the teachings as a seasoned professional. The holistic BETAS process equips me to coach confidently. I also enjoyed small group practice, which led to profound personal growth.

I am very excited about this path, and I recommend this course to anyone serious about empowering others.


I am a self-employed outdoor sports coach. When the pandemic began, I was forced to take a break from my usual activities and wanted to learn more about myself and how to help other people with specific challenges. I really enjoyed the NYLCI program, whose East-meets-West curriculum integrates insights from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realms. I learned a wealth of techniques that can be applied to any difficult situation. In addition, they helped me hone my business skills, giving me more confidence to take it to the next level. I also met wonderful new friends and acquired valuable listening skills. Overall, this training has had a very positive impact on my personal and professional life.


My work entails significant people management and intercultural facilitation.  NYLCI has helped me add coaching skills to my work, and the guidance offered has been decisive in the development of my interpersonal skills, not least deep listening and inter-subjective communication.  Thanks to this program, I am now much better at achieving my goals to serve more people, and happier for it.