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The S Word: Cracking Spirituality

Spirituality. It’s been a buzz word in popular culture for over a century, inspiring myriads of books, movies, and philosophies, as well as curiosity, skepticism, and, even, fear in those left out of the spiritual loop. Spirituality, like anything new, can overwhelm those on the outside looking in. Many confuse spirituality with religion—which can be […]

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Dont Go It Alone New York Life Coaching

Why You Absolutely, Positively Cannot Do It Alone (and Shouldn’t Want To)

If you’re like me—alternating between your laptop, your Blackberry, and your iPod at any given moment—you may feel like you have batteries, not blood, in your veins. Our fast-paced, high-tech culture has programmed us this way. Babies born in the last few decades have been brought up to operate like well-oiled machines, geared to overachieve […]

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