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Dont Do This Weekend New York Life Coaching

What Not to Do on Holiday Weekends (Or Any Weekend For That Matter)

I love holiday weekends. Combine a barbecue or two with friends, strolling the NYC street festivals, and a little poolside lounging if I’m lucky and Memorial Day weekend always feels like just the “staycation” I need right before summer starts heating up. This weekend, I noticed something interesting about the single girls I was sidling […]

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Jerry Maguire New York Life Coaching

What You’re Seeking in a Soulmate Could Be (Way) Closer Than You Think

Maybe it’s because, when it comes to movies, I’m of the international/art film variety, but I was never too keen on the 90s hit Jerry Maguire, especially after I realized how unhealthy the message is that it sends to women about true love. Remember the infamous line? “You complete me.” Yuck. To be perfectly honest, […]

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Feminine Power New York Life Coaching

She Power: Why Strength and Femininity Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Today is International Women’s Day: 24 hours dedicated to honoring powerful women across the planet. I’m all over it. I take any opportunity I can to celebrate feminine energy and raise my glass to strong ladies everywhere, which surprises some people who consider the two things—strength and femininity—to be mutually exclusive. Culturally, we are trained […]

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