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The S Word: Cracking Spirituality

Spirituality. It’s been a buzz word in popular culture for over a century, inspiring myriads of books, movies, and philosophies, as well as curiosity, skepticism, and, even, fear in those left out of the spiritual loop. Spirituality, like anything new, can overwhelm those on the outside looking in. Many confuse spirituality with religion—which can be […]

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Test This Is Only A Test New York Life Coaching

This Is a Test, This Is Only a Test: When Stress Hits, Overcome Fight or Flight

Do you remember those creepy transmissions that used to interrupt your favorite TV shows with loud, high-pitched beeps and an ominous monotone voice repeating, “This is a test.  This is only a test”?  Apparently, that was the Emergency Broadcast System’s way of preparing TV viewers in case the government ever needed to quickly convey crucial […]

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Feminine Power New York Life Coaching

She Power: Why Strength and Femininity Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Today is International Women’s Day: 24 hours dedicated to honoring powerful women across the planet. I’m all over it. I take any opportunity I can to celebrate feminine energy and raise my glass to strong ladies everywhere, which surprises some people who consider the two things—strength and femininity—to be mutually exclusive. Culturally, we are trained […]

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